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Prepaid Phones & Plans

Discover the freedom and flexibility of our Prepaid Phones and Plans at Expert Wireless RI. Enjoy the convenience of no annual contracts and the ability to control your mobile expenses. Choose from a variety of cutting-edge smartphones and customize your plan to suit your needs. Experience reliable connectivity without the commitment – it’s wireless convenience on your terms.

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Phone Accessories

Enhance your mobile experience with our curated selection of Phone Accessories at Expert Wireless RI. Explore stylish cases, high-quality chargers, and innovative gadgets to complement and protect your device. Elevate your smartphone lifestyle with our range of accessories designed to keep you connected and in style.

Phone Cases $10 – $25
Screen Protectors $10 – $20
Phone Chargers
Car Chargers
External Batteries
Charging Docks

Headphones/Earphones $10 – $30
Bluetooth Speakers
Selfie Sticks
Phone Charms

Unlocks & Activations

Unlock your carrier-locked phone and activate your SIM or eSIM phones at Expert Wireless RI. Whether you’re switching carriers or unlocking your device for international use, we’ve got you covered. Our seamless activation process ensures your phone is ready for use, providing you with the flexibility to choose the network that suits your needs.

Pay Your Bills

Simplify your life with our convenient Pay Your Bills service at Expert Wireless RI. Easily settle your mobile, utility, or other bills in one convenient location. Skip the hassle of multiple transactions and enjoy the efficiency of handling your payments with us. Stay connected without the stress – pay your bills with ease. We accept Cash App and Zelle for your convenience.


Experience the latest in mobile technology without breaking the bank with our Financing options at Expert Wireless RI. Our flexible financing plans make it easy to own the latest smartphones and devices while managing your budget. Enjoy the benefits of affordable monthly payments, giving you the freedom to stay connected with the devices you love. If you need a new phone and don’t have the money today, please ask about financing.